The "search" function is part of the search module in Mediabank. This module also contain other search and selection functions you may use to find/select your media files (assets).
The search and select functions available in Mediabank search module are listed in the below table. Observe the Mediabank applications supporting this function.

This document describes the standard search parameter common to all applications listed in above table. To find out more about the Mediabank advanced functions for locating, grouping and extracting your media files you may read the corresponding document in your upper right corner.

The new Mediabank 3.0 search module introduces the use of * and ? in your active search. You can also use the predefined filters, define your own Smart searches or use Projects.

Here you can search for any asset name. Write the full name, first 4 letters or any letter. The search engine will find all your asset with the specific combination you searched for. You can search for almost any related metadata that exists in your library. That is of course an advantage but you may also get many non relevant results. To help you filter out these results you can use different techniques to refine your search.

You can perform simple searches to reduce the number of assets in your Asset module (work list).
Let us say you search for the partial word "fella" in the search field. That means any text NOT containing the letters "fella" will be excluded in your work list.

Below are a few examples of the different searches you can do to narrow your search results. Our library consists of a numerous stockshot images. (You must find other assets to search for in your Library)

When searching for:
stockshots returns 45 mediafiles (assets) in Mediabank. Observe that if there are no mediafile with the name stockshots or contains the phrase, it will list all medifiles within the category "stockshots" if exists. (Let us say it was a category with that name)
stoc returns even more assets since there are other assets containing the letters stoc. Less letters = less accuracy. Using wildcard like * has no impact. 

From the above result i find the mediafiles with iStock in the title most interesting. So I search for:
" istock " and find out that there are 9 mediafiles. Maybe there are aStock, bStock etc. mediafiles also?  I enhance my search.
" ?stock " returns the same 9 mediafiles so now i know that my search for stock with any single character in front returns my previous 9 mediafiles. However, I do not need any mediafile with the largest pixels (the mediafile name ends with large, medium or small) so I refine my search even more.
" ?stock -*large " in which returns 3 mediafiles. Here I searched for mediafiles that begins with any single character followed by stock and any numbers of characters following, except for mediafiles ending with large. 

This is just a few examples of the Mediabank search engine. Be aware that the search engine also search your whole library metadata to match your search and you may find many mediafiles with no relevance especially if you use numbers in your search.