Welcome to the introduction of Saved searches. This article will focus on the differences related to the outdated Smart search

The visual differences from main menu are the absence of filters. They are now to be found in a new "filter switch" that takes you to the Saved searches editor:

New functionality:

  • The "old" filters are now to be found in the Filter button next to your manual search frame
  • New filters are now more advanced compared to the old on/off implementation.
  • Saved searches are placed below your manual search frame and makes it possible to combine a predefined search with an additional manual search.
  • Depending on your work function, your login id can activate a predefined Saved search created by your local admin. You can at any time override it by creating your own.

The new Saved searches makes it easier for you to locate and manage your assets. A wide defined Saved search can now be combined with additional temporary manual searches. Looking at the illustration below, you still have your main filter category (1), your filter "switch" (2) and your sub filter category (3). The difference is just the visible layout combined with a more powerful filter "switch" (2) that provides more than just on/off.

Read more in the article "How to create Saved searches" to learn about the new features introduced in this version.