Annotations are all comments connected to a certain time in your video clip.
By double clicking an annotation, the player will jump to the mark in time in the video.
You can delete you own annotations by clicking the x next to it. Comment directly to an annotation by the “write comment” button.
Annotations are synced every 30 seconds.

When you selected an asset in the worklist list, it will be converted if necessary and ready to be played and viewed in the Media-player window. You can play, rewind and run it at half, normal and double speed. (Depend on your browser/player functionality)

Observe that the Media-player display the assets original time code in the upper right corner.

To discuss a particular sequence in the asset you are playing you must use the MARK IN and MARK OUT fields. Play the media file (asset) to the sequence you wish to comment on and press the MARK IN to select the beginning and MARK OUT to define the end of sequence. You can also choose to ignore the MARK IN/OUT fields and comment the asset in general. Ž The mark in/out will be displayed in blue text to the right of the buttons.

Make sure the selection bar is displaying DISCUSSION, write your comment in the field below and press ADD ANNOTATIONS to send your comment to the collaboration window. Your comment will immediately transfer to the top of the collaboration window visible for all other project members.

There is a corresponding Code in the collaboration window that let the other project members see the nature of your comment. DSC = discussion. (Se available codes in Annotations chapter later in this document)