The status module In Review & Approval is used by you to change the status of the assets located in your "work list". New and incoming assets are marked with a star, indicating "I am new here and I get no attention". You can change its state by loading the asset in to your mediaplayer and select one of the three states in the Status module.

  • In progress - You notify the involved project-members that this asset is now in the review process.
  • Rejected - You have rejected the asset.
  • Approved - You have approved the asset and it will "move on" to next stage.
As shown, there are three states available in the Status module visualized by different colored icons. Looking in your work list (to the left) there are however additional states an asset can be in. To find out more about asset status you can read this document: Mediabank Icons 

How to proceed:
There are two ways to discover new incoming assets to Review & Approval. 
While working in the Review & Approval application you observe that there is a new asset (marked with a blue star) at the top of the category folder or you are notified by Mediabank SMS or Email notification when someone uploads the asset and attach a notification list that contains your name. You can also create smart searches for new assets. 

Select the new asset to load it in the mediaplayer. If you decide to start reviewing the asset you go to the Status module, click on the "In Progress" button and then on the "Notify" button. The asset will now change status to "In Progress" in the Work list and change its icon so everyone with access to the worklist can see that the review has begun. 

Who should you notify? That is up to you (or your admin), but basically it is determined by your "group id" in the administration application.
So, by doing nothing (except  clicking on Notify) you simply notify all the colleagues that belong to your group id (ex. 434).

But you may choose to go external. Sending a message to your client, producer or anyone not in your group or company. Then you can create or use an existing Notification list from your notification folder (to the right). Read more about Notification list here: Notifications in Review & Approval

Active approval list

A new feature introduced in Mediabank 2.8.0 is the active approval list. It is a great way to speed up your review process. Observe that to create, use or modify the active approval list you must have admin rights.

By using the active approval list you can:

  • Select dedicated colleagues/managers/controllers to Approve or Reject the asset.
  • "Force" the decision makers to be active in the review process.
  • Send reminders (poke) to ensure that your asset is reviewed. 
  • Make it easy for decision makers to view their colleagues decision/opinion.
It is not mandatory to use the active approval list and you can easily just use the Notify button.

!! Observe that this list is only for internal company users. If you wish to go "outside" you should use the Notification lists.

Go to "Choose an option" and select between, Create a New list, Edit an existing list or select any of the existing lists.

Selecting New list or Edit list will bring you to the below menu. Clicking in the "Search username" will open a list over available colleagues for the Active approval list. Select the relevant resources, name the list and press save.
In the below example there are three lists (New releases, PGA events and priority list) already created. Pressing on the "X" to the left of the list will delete it.

The active list is visualized by a green icon. In the above image is "priority list" with one member (Lars Jenssen) active.

In the below image the list named "priority list" was selected. It contains two resources necessary for the review process.
In addition, "All users must respond" is selected. When this box is checked out, both the Rejected and Approval buttons are grayed out indicating that both of the resources in the priority list MUST approve or reject the asset before you can take your own action/decision.

!! Be aware that this list does not send notifications about the asset during the review process (This is done trough the notification list) so must notify the Active approval users that they have a task to perform by sending them an email or adding the to the notification lists. 

Tired of waiting for response? Click on "Poke" next to the resources not responding to remind them that they have decisions to make. They will receive a "friendly" reminder from Mediabank trough SMS or Email that the specified asset is waiting for action. 
Finally, in the above right image Kniksen has rejected the asset and Lars Jenssen har approved the asset. You are unable to approve the asset as long as the asset is in this state and you must either convince "Kniksen" or simply load a new revision and start the review process again.

The resources decisions and the annotations are stored in the assets log file for later review if necessary.

!! Depending on the company setup you may find the asset is disappearing from the worklist the minute you approve it. Depending on your company's chosen workflow it may have been moved to the Library.