Some of our customers have experienced problems with the Aspera plug-in when using the Safari browser.

This is caused by a missing or wrong plug-in settings for Aspera. To address the problem, check the Safari preferences.

  1. Open Safari
  2. Choose Preferences
  3. Choose Security
  4. Choose Plug-in settings

Locate the Aspera plugin. You should see the under "configured websites".
Set the permissions to "On". Restart Safari and log in to Mediabank again.

If you are unable to locate the  website  in the Aspera plug-in, try to load Adex or Review & Approval.

Starting (in this case) the Adex application and selecting "upload using Aspera", you should get a blue banner across your screen stating "Trying to launch Aspera........." followed by a pop-up menu asking for permission to use the Aspera plug-in on website.
Click "Trust" to allow Aspera to run correctly. You then may try enter the preferences again and check that the site is present.
Next time you launch Mediabank, the blue Aspera banner may appear briefly while Safari is launching the Aspera plug-in.

If you still experience problems you should contact our support & helpdesk to resolve the problem.