This document provides a guide using the Mediabank Filter functions. It is one of several documents describing the asset selections in Mediabank. You may also read the other corresponding documents in your upper right corner to explore the other advanced functions in Mediabank. Observe the applications supporting this feature in the below table.

Another way of doing asset selections are the use of filters. The success of this function are dependent on your skill to categorize your assets into meaningful information. Obvious categories is "new, "approved", "rejected" and "on hold", but you are free to add many more different ways to ease your search for the assets. Observe the following:

  • Categories are case sensitive so "Promo" and "promo" will be two different categories.
  • You must remove or move all the assets (mediafiles) in to another Category to remove your original category.
Categories or Tags are normally created during upload to Mediabank but can be added later from the properties menu as well.
Click on the square icons to select the filters. Your filter selections will be reset each time you log out/in.

Both Sport & Event and Library are shown below but Review & Approval has identical functionality. All assets are selected if you do not select any "tic-box". As you can see from Sport and Event, Six filters are in use. That is the standard Status filters (shown in the Library window) in addition to Match in Category and Challenge League in League. The result are shown in the bottom listing 3 matches.