Welcome to Library

Mediabank offers a safe and reliable storage for your assets. It holds an original hi-resolution file of all your media content and keep them safe and surveyed on secure spinning disks.
Library is a web application that provides access to your valuable content through a low-resolution copy (proxy) that is always online.

You can preview clips with the integrated Media-player and get detailed information about your material. Add tags and comments as you wish.

To share your media just drop your clips into one or more Destination containers (Mboxes) to execute predefined workflows, e.g. send to an editing suite, YouTube account, your partners ftp-server, etc. The clips will be transcoded and converted to the correct format before distribution.
With the QuickLink feature you can fast and easy share your media, or parts of it, through an open link for a certain period of time. It is often used when your recipient do not have a login to your Library.

New in 3.1.x.x
The experienced user will notice cosmetic changes in the top menu (Header module) that you can read more about in the related Header module article. The major and most important change is the two new workspaces (W4 & W5) available in Library. Hoover your mouse-pointer above the workspaces to see their functions. As you can see, you now have direct access to what the previous Mediabank version Sport & Event provided. Sport & Event is no longer available as a stand alone application. It is from now on available trough workspace W4 & W5 (Events and Events Wide) from the Library application.

Opening view
In the top center of Library main menu (Header module) you will find the Menu button as well as Workspaces available (W1, W2... etc). The default Workspace is Thumb view (W1) as shown below. To the left of the asset thumbs you find the search and selection functions. The Mediabank Library provides numerous methods to help you locate and keep track of your mediafiles (assets). 

Thumb view (W1) vs List view (W2)
Below you see two half windows illustrating the difference between the Thumb view (upper image) and the list view in the lower image.
Since it is easier to see the asset listed by a larger poster window you may prefer the thumb view. Combined with the search, filter & smart search the thumb view can be the choice for you.
However, the list view is especially good for sorting asset by date, title and other metadata.

Workspace 3 (W3)
This workspace provides everything you need to know about your mediafile (asset).  You can select an asset from both of the workspaces W1 and W2 and then click on W3. From the W3 workspace you can do the following:

  • Play the mediafile in the player window or in full screen mode.
  • Access the action bar In the title section. Read more about Action Menu from the "Related articles" in your top right window
Use the menu folders:
  • Properties
  • Share
  • Notifications
  • Publishing
  • Video parts
Search module
In the Search module you have many options to locate/select or sort your assets to work more efficient. More information about the below topics (articles) can be found in the Library menu here:  Library menu folder 
  • Search 

  • Filters

  • Smart Search 

  • Projects

Feedback and help 

For information about the feedback & help function you can go here: Feedback & Help

Single asset in Thumb view (W1)
Within the thumb view you can select a single asset and perform numerous tasks.
You can, send it to the archive, download it on your own device for later viewing or editing, send it to a destination, temporarily share the final version with other people outside the project, update its metadata, view it in full screen mode or just browse trough it in the asset icon window.

Image/asset properties: Click on the "more" menu icon to view your mediafiles tags and metadata. Read more in the article "Mediafile properties" located  in the Library menu here: Library menu folder

Older media files may not have updated scrubbing posters and you need to update these manually. Check out how here: How to update scrubbing posters

Action menu
The action menu provides functions to send or download your asset(s). Read more about Action Menu from the Library folder here: Library menu folder