Mediabank version updates  Date: December 2017


All accounts: 

  • Personal Dashboard, your personal page providing the information you need.
  • Interactive tool-tip function providing instant help and guides you through the new Mediabank features.
  • Help/chat function bringing the information to you, when you need it. Get online documentation and search in our new comprehensive FAQ's

A new "Saved search" that combines Filters and Smart search is introduced.


Review & Approval
Video parts - to reduce non con-formative video parts in Review & Approval, a validation is introduced.

All applications
Multiple Audio channels are now supported from the Navigation module. Different audio channels can now be selected from a drop-down menu.

Mediabank version and updates  Date: September 2017

Minor bug and update fix only
Various bug fixes and customer adaptions are implemented.

Burn-in logos can now be added to M-box for publishing.
A process indicator when publishing is added
Added support for .gxf-extension in adex form for delivery.

Mediabank version updates  Date: August 2017

Bug fixes
  • TMG issues related to timeframe between uploading and publishing fixed
  • Local admin can now see all tag/clip lists
  • Updates done reflecting TCs in mediaplayer. Note that browsers like Chrome and Safari will occasionally handle first frame differently regarding visibility.
  • Audi files; TC issues fixed in player.
  • Adding new Cliplists are now updating correctly.
  • Video parts; The process of calculating "total duration" is improved.
  • Items in main menu is now correctly beeing greyed out when multiple assets are selected.

  • Changing content in property fields like "Title" will now be visible immediately without reloading asset.
  • Smart search: Enhancements made regarding searches within timeframes.
  • Property field can now read from CustomKeyValues. This makes it possible to select from predefined values instead of manually filling them in. Reduces the risk of errors.

Mediabank version updates  Date: July 2017

Minor bug and update fix only

  • Create distribution-grid rule base
  • Campaign pages in combination with image player.

 Mediabank version updates  Date: June 2017

Various updates/enhancements :

  • Library: Administrator can now activate restore asset from main menu "Restore selected from backup". (as opposed to earlier manual procedure
  • Review & Approval: A print dialog  from Log view (W3) is is added 
Bug fixes:

  • Search engine: An implementation error is now corrected.
  • 00:00:00 TC in Quicklink is fixed.

Mediabank version updates  Date: May 2017

Various updates/enhancements :

  • Admin: It is now possible to upload your own company logo and implement it in the top right section of your screen. (keep it less than 500k in size and transparent)
Bug fixes:

  • Various bug fixes.

Mediabank version updates  Date: May 2017

Various updates/enhancements :

  • Mediabank: During May we introduced 

Bug fixes:

  • Adex: A bug that caused Adex App to crash when Adblock extension was on is now fixed.
  • Various cosmetic changes and minor bug fixes.

Mediabank version updates  Date: May 2017

Various updates/enhancements :

  • Adex: You can now deliver commercials without the use of the Nielsen code. A new entry "ID by Title" is introduced. A new delivery scheme will guide you when delivering your commercials.
  • Adex: Started an upload that needs to be cancelled? When selecting HTTP transfer, you can now cancel your upload. Earlier this was only supported when choosing Aspera upload.
  • Library: A clip in the cliplist can now be longer than 1 hour. (Limitation was 59 minutes in earlier releases)
  • Voting: Your own space for personal notes are introduced.
Bug fixes:

  • Unreliable results when searching for assets? A bug "not fully clearing previous search" is now fixed.
  • Tracking app: Overflow menu text on mobile devices 
  • Various cosmetic changes. 

Mediabank version updates  Date: March 2017

Various updates/enhancements :

  • Review & Approval: Asset properties are now available and added to the sidebar for easy access.
Bug fixes:

  • Various bug fixes

Mediabank version updates  Date: March 2017

Various updates/enhancements :

  • You can now paste email addresses copied from Email clients directly into Mediabank Notification forms.
  • No need for creating project before adding mediafiles. You may now create a new project and add medaifiles in the same process.
  • Added new functions to enhance search parameters. When using Smart Search you can now use the filter "Is any of" the following values.
  • Improved feedback when using "Change request" function in Mediabank.
  • The mediaplayer window size is enlarged for better visual experience in Review & Approval (W2)
  • Further enhancements to the previous announced Voting service. Added links to assets in winners tab.

Bug fixes:

  • The "Set  Poster" function from the Menu (in header module) is now enabled. In previous version this function was grayed out.
  • When using Publishing, users experienced inconsistent layout dependent of the users screen size. The window is now 100% responsive from both mobile and desktop clients.
  • And a few more fixes......

Mediabank version updates  Date: February 2017

Various updates:

  • Admin can now view all the smart searches created in the Mediabank account
  • Added support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)  as well as Glacier in Amazon
  • Smart searches can now be sorted in Library Listview (W2)
  • Voting, a new service that enable users to place votes on uploaded mediafiles. (Great for Awards/contests arrangements) 
  • General bug fixes

Mediabank version updates  Date: February, 2017

Various updates:

  • Mediaplayer buttons are updated to better visualize their new functions from previous release. (Wind/Rewind 1, 10 and 30 seconds buttons)
  • Minor bug fixes
When uploading media-files to your own account, AdEx will automatically propose the filename as the title in the upload scheme. In previous version, the title field was left empty.

The Compliance application now supports Video Parts in the Metamodule. The Video Parts are available from Workspace 1 and 2 (W1 & W2)

It is now possible to implement a new Tab in the meta module that provides a voting functionality. It is available from the Workspace 3 (W3) and can be used by a numerous clients to place votes on selected mediafiles (assets).

Mediabank version  Date: January, 2017


  • Major changes within Sport & Event
  • Compliance has been rebuilt
  • Subtitle (Asset Intro, short text) added functionality
  • New Properties tab in work-space 3
  • New Publishing tab in work-space 3

Sport & Event
This application is now a part of the Library application and cease to exist as a stand alone application. You will find two new work-spaces, W4 and W5, in the Library application that contains the Sport & Event functionality. By merging these two applications we believe that you as a user will experience a more efficient workplace.
By clicking on the Main menu button when in the Library app you will now discover that by selecting either work-space W4 or W5 will take you to what earlier used to be Sport & Event.

This application has been rebuilt and enhanced with a new work-space (W3) that provides a log-view. In addition there are new functions in the status module that provides additional rules and actions rules.

Various changes
New publishing status texts
New dynamic and configurable component for "rules and actions"
New conditional field type in component forms
New tabs and groupings in Library W2
Fixed M-box form validation
Fixed date picker in M-box form
Fixed problems with thumb picker
Fixed bug where asset sometimes didn’t load in Library W2
Fixed responsiveness for main menu header
Fixed various spelling mistakes
Fixed bug in player controls in Compliance
Removed all cookie-based information displays
Removed Sport and Event icon
Improved the main header menu
Asset sorting is now done back-end
Increased overall support for responsive design
Various CSS fixes for the publishing component
Many minor technical bug fixes and improvements

Mediabank version  Date: November, 2016


    • Bug fixes
    • Enhancements in AdEx
    • Subtitle (Asset Intro, short text) added functionality
A new feature simplifying upload of multiple assets. Maybe especially useful for promo type assets but any other will do great as well. Simply fill in the form of your first Promo and select "apply to all" to propagate identical field information to the other assets. 

Review & Approval, Sport & Event and Library
The subtitle field (Asset Intro, Short text) is automatically added and visible in Header module based on the content in Metadata when uploaded.

Mediabank version  Date: October, 2016 

    • Bug fixes

Mediabank version  Date: October, 2016 - Major Release

  • Additional workspaces are introduced. These workspaces provides more efficient access to vital media information.
  • New and redesigned Thumbview with more informative overlays
  • Scrubbing posters are now introduced. Also with functionality to generate on "old" media files previously uploaded.
  • New and more comprehensive search functions making old column list view search functions redundant
  • New informative status/alert icons visible in Thumb and List view
  • Redesign of Mediabank Menu provides even more efficient access to vital information
  • Retirement of the Mediabank Upload Application
  • New functionality in the Mediabank AdEx application 

New and improved version of Mediabank Library is implemented.

The traditional Upload application is know retired and being replaced by AdEx.

A revamped AdEx application enhanced with workflows (schemes) to deliver commercials, broadcast content or plain uploads to the Mediabank applications.

Review & Approval
New Workspace that provides an activity log for each media file (asset)

Mediabank version Date: August, 2016

Various bug fixes

  • Unable to delete annotations
  • Issues with components and browser cache
  • Mail notifications does not expand (Discovery applications)
  • Siteadmin does not work
  • Remove tooltips over filter and othe tabs
  • S&E M-box modal: Fix race conditions
  • Possible to delete smart search when in use by a meta data ACL

Mediabank version Date: August, 2016

Various bug fixes

  • Disabled log-view icon and loading of module.
  • Filter  tab, categories and filter items fixed.
  • Menu (hamburger icon) malfunction in R&A using Safari fixed.
  • Quicklink, added default option in Notification
  • Quicklink problem with internal discussion fixed 
  • Adex icon fixed.
  • Adex support for notification email and templates through AdEx upload handler added. 
  • Logview functionality added.
  • Upload progress changed from 100% to 99% until finished.
  • Drop down menu for Active approval list fixed.
  • Script error when loading asset from searchview fixed.
  • Unable to upload next revision asset in R&A fixed. 
  • Workspaces names are more structured.
  • Modal for "Send Quicklink" from context menu added.
  • A new app-switch account added.
  • Compliance, player controls anomalies fixed.

Mediabank version Date: June 27, 2016


When uploading an asset in AdEx, you have now the freedom to choose between the Aspera plug-in or just use the standard browser upload. Observe that by not using the Aspera plug-in you will experience a slower upload and lack of the security features implemented.

Also a new design and a new AdEx forms (Discovery) is implemented.


When sending a notification message you can now choose to implement all the comments as well. However, you can not choose this on a individual basis but as a company setting from the Admin application. If not implemented, the users can see all the comments anyway when logging in to Mediabank.

Various bug fixes.

Mediabank version Date: June 15, 2016


With this release the receiver of a Quicklink can now choose type of annotation when replying. However, when the Quicklink is of an Internal character, the only valid reply is "Internal". 

Review & Approval

Several minor cosmetic changes  are done in the Status & Navigation module (the areas below the mediaplayer).


In this release the Filetracker have been undergoing a face lift. No new functions.


The new Smart ACL is now supporting Projects in addition to the existing support for Smart Searches. You have now the possibility to combine them or choose one of them in your Smart ACL setup.

Also a number of bug fixes are implemented.

Mediabank version Date: June 1, 2016

New destination type “QuickLink” that will allow users to drop a file from Library into an M-box of this type and get a QL with file encoded in correct format for download

Combined clips can be sent to destination type “QuickLink” for preview and download by user

Clips can be extracted and sent as QuickLink clip by clip

Clip list stitching is now possible via a checkbox option in M-box

New features for access in Library and Sport & Event
A Meta data based ACL (Access Control List) is introduced. Mediabank can now restrict user-groups to only access pre-defined smart searches. This feature is very useful when you have a large number of users and need to restrict their access to relevant material.
Users can now be granted access based on content or geographical location or any other selection you choose to use in your smart search. 


  • App-switcher is visible on the “Insufficient access”-page
  • Possible to log out when user is shown page “You are currently logged in to Mediabank in another session”-page
  • Now displaying owner name in clip lists
  • Page “User not licensed for this app” is redesigned
  • Removed admin icon in appswitcher when the user has no admin access
  • Removed “Show public clip lists” from menu

  • Fixed bug where keys “I” and “O” produced different result than pressing “Mark in” and “Mark out” in S&E
  • Fixed bug for goto TC in Sport & Event
  • Fixed bug where non-crititical script error was displayed in the developer console on the front page
  • Fixed bug where empty confirmation modal was shown when using quicklink more than once without refreshing page
  • Fixed bug where video parts sometimes disappears after page refresh in R&A
  • Fixed bug where changing a status on an asset the categories in R&A would collapse. Categories will not collapse now.

Mediabank version Date: April 20, 2016 

Sport & Event

  • New in cliplist
    • Make clip lists "private", for selected "groups" or "public"
    • Duplicate and/or edit clip lists
    • Reorder clips: Drag´n drop to move clips in clip lists
    • Export selected or all clip lists to M-box

  • Taglist manager
    • Official Tags has a refresh icon
    • Sport assets are grouped (e.g. part 1 and part 2 of a match is displayed in the tabs above the video screen)
    • Timecode: HH:MM:SS is now MM:SS for football official Tags and search results.

Review & Approval

  • R&A notification list. Deleting a dialog will prompt the user for confirmation.


  • Cache fix (this will be the last release you need to empty cache after Mediabank upgrades)
  • Adding annotations in Quicklinks
  • Better support for: Request user account
  • Added Support center link on frontpage
  • Redesigned appswitcher

Mediabank version Date: Mars 16, 2016


  • A new improved interface and all together a totally new experience. 
  • Introducing a new architecture that will function as a plattform for all Mediabank applications
  • New Sport & Event with full event search! 
  • New Review & Approval with sharing asset capabilities!

Header module

  • A new information container, making room for a cleaner and more efficient work area.
  • Menu “folder” containing all of the previous admin/help/app switching functions. Only S&E and R&A, but will be common for all applications in the future
  • Introducing predefined Work spaces providing a more efficient desktop

Review & Approval

  • New Search module
    • New info tab with configurable data
    • New smart search with “active” status on page load
  • New “work-list” (asset list)
    • Configurable columns, labels and size
    • All revision shows in list
  • New Media-player and navigation
    • GoTo Timecode function
    • Frame accurate with arrow navigation, frame or sec increments
    • Keyboard shortcuts:" j", "k", "l" for reverse play, pause and forward play, with support for three times speed with audio.  "i" and "o" for mark in and out (only fully supported in Safari)
  • New status
    • In progress is set automatically when annotation is added
    • When asset rejected, choose to ask for new revision
  • Annotations
    • New look and feel
    • Easier to comment
    • Refresh button to update annotations and comments
    • Better user information on annotations and comments
  • Notifications
    • Better notification list handling
  • Share (used to be External Access)
    • New all- or no annotations for QL
    • New Share asset with other accounts

Sport & Event

  • New Search module
    • New info tab with configurable data
    • New smart search with “active” status on page load
    • Projects now available in S&E
  • New asset list
    • Configurable columns, labels and size
  • New Media-player and navigation
    • GoTo Timecode function
    • Frame accurate with arrow navigation, frame or sec
    • Keyboard shortcut: j,k,l and i,o (fully supported in Safari)
  • New Meta module (tags, Info, Clip list and Event search)
      • configurable columns, labels and size
      • Select for events to add directly to Clip lists or M-Box
      • Delete own tags or clips
      • Select in clip list to add directly to M-Box
      • New M-box layout
    • Expanded Event search
      • Use free text in combination with filters filters
      • Select events from result
      • Add directly to M-Box or Clip list
  • Timeline
    • New and improved clip selector

NB!  Event preview by mouse-over disabled for this version. To be back soon!