This document will inform you about a few basic topics:

This application is web based and implements the latest web technology available in order to maintain the best user interface and functionality.
So in general, please keep your web browser updated with the latest releases.

Mac and Pc:
All well known browsers will work but preferred browsers are Firefox, Safari and Chrome. You need a minimum of 1280 px horizontal screen size in order to get the best view result of MEDIABANK.ME. The main window elements will not align properly with less screen resolution than 1280px.

A specific file transfer optimizer software may appear the first time you enter the AdEx or Review & Approval applications.
This software is not mandatory and you may choose to skip it. Reduced speed and transmission quality/security will apply without it.

Get an Account

In order to log in and get started with the Mediabank web based production tools you need a username and password. This is handled by your local administrator.
Go to the or website:

Interested in knowing more about Mediabank?

If you do not know whom that may be, you can contact the Mediabank support team using the "Get an account" form at the bottom of the page.

Sign In First Time or forgot your password:

1 - Click the link in your welcome mail and use the login button located at top right corner of page.
2 - To activate your user- id you must click the link “forgot your password?”

Follow the on screen instructions. A temporary password will be sent to your mobile phone, use this in order to set your own password.

You can use any of the following options as your username: Your given user name, your e- mail address or your mobile phone number.(Country code + number).