Architectural overview
To simplify development, documentation structure and even ease the support dialog, the Mediabank applications are developed with a modular structure in mind. This documentation will refer to modules and components that this and future version will share. Look in to the corresponding documents listed in upper right corner of this window to read more. 

The above image from Review & Approval will be almost identical when viewing Events (W4 & W5) in Library. You will find the same modules with minor differences, making it easier for you to switch to other applications and understand their functions.

Header module
Many of the less frequently used applications are now moved into the Header module. If you seek information on how to switch accounts, work spaces (W2, W3), login info, logo handling etc. you should read more in corresponding articles

Search module
Here you can find more information about the powerful search and filter functions i Mediabank. You can choose between various methods to search, sort and extract your library mediafiles (assets).

  • Simple search:
  • Smart Search:
  • Filters:  
  • Projects: 

Asset module
More details about the asset list and columns in corresponding articles 

Title module
Read about the assets main identifiers and revisions in corresponding articles

Player module
The player module contains the new frame accurate mediaplayer. Read more in corresponding articles

Navigation module
Learn how to navigate around with the media player and create annotations.
Read about the functions within the Review & Approvals navigation module in corresponding articles

Status module
Learn how to change status on your asset, create active approval lists and send reminders to decision makers from corresponding articles

Meta module
To read more about the Meta module, just go to corresponding articles