Welcome to Events 

New in Mediabank 3.1.x.x
Sport & Event cease to exist as a standalone application and can now be found in the Library application under workspace W4 & W5.

This version of Sport & Event was released January 2017 and contains many important updates. In previous version, many of the less frequently used functions moved to underlying menus making your workspace emerge without disturbing elements and helped you to work focused and efficient. The new release is no exception regarding major enhancements. The new Workspacees W4 & W5 are now integrated in Library, making it even more efficient when navigating between the many thousands event-clips in your possession. The main window still consists of three major elements, Search and asset/search module to the left, Mediaplayer in the middle and the Meta module to the right. All other functions are placed under the contextual button named MENU in the top middle of the screen.
The Timeline in the lower end is also present in this version combined with destination Mboxes.

Architectural overview
To simplify the documentation structure and even make the dialog with support easier, we have developed the mediabank applications within the same architectural structure. This documentation will refer to modules and components that this and future applications will share.

The above image showing Review & Approval is identical when viewing Library W3 (Events). You will find the same modules with minor differences, making it easier for you to switch to other applications and understand their functions.

Each of the below topics are described in related articles found in this article top right side menu.

Header module
Many of the less frequently used applications are now moved into the Header module. If you seek information on how to switch accounts, work spaces (W1, W2 etc.), login info, logo handling etc.

Search module
Here you can find more information about the powerful search and filter functions i Mediabank:

Asset module
More details about the asset list and columns are described in related article

Title module
Read more details about the Title module in the related article.

Player module
The new frame accurate mediaplayer are currently implemented trough out the Mediabank services. Events (W4 & W5) is no exception and you can read more about it in the related article. 

Navigation module
Read more on how to navigate within your Event asset and post tags and clips.

[Status module]
The status module has no function in Events and therefore not present.

Meta module
The Meta module contains the most important topics in Event. Read more about Tag, Event and Clips in related article.

The timeline shows all the events in a sequential view. Clicking on a selected event will cause the mediaplayer to immediate navigate to that event and pause, waiting for you to click on the play button. At the same time the Tag list will locate the corresponding tag and highlight it.
Time codes
You may have noticed the difference in the visible time-fields between the different modules?
The timeline shows the media-clip corresponding time that corresponds to the bottom bar in the mediaplayer. The mediplayers low right time shows the mediaclips total length. This clock start from the start of the mediaclip (asset).

Then there is LTC (Longitudinal Time Code) viewed in the middle top of the mediaplayer that is considered (from our point of view) as "the" technical time code related to the exact reference. Everything in our system has this time as the base time reference.

So to the right of  the LTC is the match time. This clock starts at game start and it correspond with the tag list. Event timeline in the pull-up module will start at 0:0 for each period/clip).