The content in the Action menu are mainly focused on communication. Mostly communication between sender & recipient, but also tools to copy or send the mediafile to every recipient almost independent of internet bandwith.

At present time both theLibrary and the Review & Approval supports these common action menus and even Sport & Event can take use of the Mboxes to send Highlights/clips from events. To read more about Sport & Event you must go to that section.

You can locate the Mediabank Action menus from The Review & Approval workspace one and two (W1 & W2). The action menu in the Library application are available from every workspace. 

Action Menu

The basic approach is to select one or more mediafiles and then select your destination (Mbox). As you can see from the action menus below there are differences in destinations depending on your presen application location. We describe the differences step by step:

First select your mediafile(s) then click on the Action menu. Depending on the application you are in, one of the below two menus will appear. Click on "Send quicklink" and the M-box Quiclink menu will appear.
The first drop down menu -- Select a notification list --  can be selected. The notifications lists are used trough out the Mediabank applications. (Library, Review & Approval, AdEx). You can create a notification list from the any of the previous three mentioned applications.
If you don't have a list, you can manually fill inn either their cellular phone number in the format: "Contrycode+number"  Example: 46123123123 for Sweden or 4712341234 for Norway. You don't need a plus + or double zeros 00 for country codes. Or, you can fill in their email address and hit enter. Repeat until you have the recipient(s) you need.
Subject: Write the subject (will not appear on an SMS quick link) and then add your comments.
Display: This option is only visible if you send a Quicklink from Review & Approval and wish to add the latest annotations, discussion or change requests to your mediafile for the recipients to see.
Make the Quicklink page active for an hour, day(s) or up to 31 months. You can also set a limit for how many times the recipient can see the mediafile. Very useful for preventing unwanted/un-authorized distribution of the mediaclip.
You can grant the recipients the option to download the original or a small copy  (proxy) of the mediafile by clicking on the check boxes.
Control that you have added the correct mediafile(s) to the M-box and click on execute. Your Quicklink is sent.
You can delete one by one of the mediafile or just click on "Empty the M-box" if you regret your choice of mediafile.

The next choice in the action menu is "Add to quicklink". You can add a mediafile one by one as you select them or you can select many and the go directly to "Send quicklink"


Download: From the action menu you can download the original mediafile, A small copy (proxy) or the main poster to your selves if you need to work offline or places with very poor internet connection. If you are granted, download the original full size mediafile.


You must be an administrator to create Mboxes and you must have the knowledge to set up the different communication parameters for each recipient. I you are not, then different predefined Mboxes are most likely already configured for you. These boxes are predefined and guarantees correct transfer each time. They even reduces the possibilities for misspelling and other human errors.

Basically you select your mediafiles, Click on the correct Mbox from the Action Menu and the mediafiles are transferred to a queue waiting for you to press Execute.