This document contains Aspera guidelines for Windows and Mac machines.


Aspera for the first time on Windows machines

A specific file transfer optimizer software will appear the first time you enter the Upload functions. This software is mandatory and you must reply yes to install it. Follow the on screen instructions.

You may get a blue banner at the upper section in your browser telling you it is unable to launch. Click on  Download latest version  and follow the instructions. Eventually you will get a message  "Aspera Connect is running"

The Aspera Connect will appear in your activity bar shown below:

The Aspera Connect application is now running in the background, to better follow your transfer speed you can choose “Transfer” from the “Window” menu in the Aspera Connect application to open the status monitor or select the Aspera Icon in your task bar.
Select Transfers or (CTRL+T).
You are now able to monitor the progress of the file transfer and troubleshoot/verify the capacity between you and your destinations.

If you encounter problem with connectivity you may try the Aspera test site: Test Aspera connectivity

Aspera Connect plugin for the first time on Mac OS & Windows

Read how to install Connect plugin at First Time Execution on Mac OSX   [Click here]

Guidelines for different browsers and OS from the Aspera support site

Windows Installing Connect 3.6 using:

Internet Explorer  [Click  here]
Chrome                [Click here]
Firefox                  [Click here]

MAC Installing Connect 3.6 using:

Chrome  [Click here]
Firefox    [Click here]
Safari      [Click here]

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Mac Connect un-installation  [Click here]

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