(This article is currently being updated)

Welcome to a brief description of the Mediabank application "Title Module" that consists of the following components.

Title, Sub title/Category
These fields are located in the left part of the Title module and are used as the main identifier to the specified asset (Mediafile). Usually these identifiers can be seen and easily sorted out in the Asset work list module. In the below image the Title is "Desktop Test" and sub title is "Here is the Subtitle"

Revisions (Not available in Compliance)
This module contains the different versions of the assets as shown in Review & Approval, but also as a game/round separator in Library W4 (Events). The below image shows "Rev 3" with a  R+  to its right. In this example you are watching revision 3 of, in total 5 revisions. If, by any chance this assets revision 5 should be rejected, then click on the  R+  and a dialog will ask you to upload version 6 of this asset. The existing comments/annotations from Rev 1,2,3.. etc. are still available for you to compare with the new version.

All the way to the right you will find a menu symbol  containing Quicklink (QL) and download functionality. The <Previous and Next> buttons loads the prev. or next version into the mediaplayer. The Mediabank application Compliance share the same functionality except from the revisions. 

Add to quicklink or Download 
Clicking on the  icon will open a new window where you can choose between to download the mediafile or send a link to an external recipient that allows access to the mediafile.

Quicklink (send to others)
Send quicklink - will immediately open the send quicklink dialog and attach the asset proxy url ready for you to add destination (Mbox) details.
Add to quicklink- will put the asset proxy url into the share folder ready for you to send. You have now the option to send the quicklink or load another asset and add this one too. You can now send multiple assets in one quicklink.

Download (to you)
If you are granted by your administrator you can download the original asset, a smaller version (proxy), or just the poster image.