Navigating in your mediafile (asset) from the Mediabank mediaplayer is easy and accurate thanks to the different tools you have available. Observe that this article does not cover the media player or the Status module used for the approval process.

Go to time code:
The time code displays hh:mm:ss:frames and each second contains 24 frames, so when using "Go to time code" you can specify 2412 and hit enter or the "go to" button to the right. The player will navigate to the location 24 seconds and frame 12 within the mediaclip.

Be aware of the following:
In the Player/navigation window to the left (Review & Approval) you enter the time code with reference to the overlay in the right part of the player window (00:00:24:12) while located in the Sport & Event application you must use the LTC to navigate. You can not use the Match time.
When using the navigation control buttons as shown below the player images you navigate within 1, 10 or 30 seconds interval with the different buttons.
However, if you would like to jump with 2 min time frame you can do so easily by entering +20000 and hit enter. The player will move forward +2 min each time you hit enter. Using a - sign in front it will go backwards. The 20000 is actually 2min 00sec 00frames.

The navigation buttons
The media player has a simplistic design with the major functions available. Basically it is the "tape recorder buttons" below the media player that provides your options playing the asset. Starting from left:

|<      Rewinding 30 sec.
<<<   Rewinding 10 sec.
<<     Rewinding 1 sec (24 frames).
II/>    Pause/Play
>>     Winding forward 1 sec.(24 frames)
>>>   Winding forward 10 sec.
>|      Winding forward 30 sec.
1/2X  Play at half the speed

There is also a short cut trough keyboard functions available KL.
Spacebar = pause/play
K = pause
L = Play at 1x,  2x or 3x times the speed
J = Play in reverse (Only supported in Safari) 
The letter i = mark in with the corresponding o = mark out .

You can also use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to navigate.
Left/Right = 1 frame back or forward.
Up/down = 1 second back or forward

Creating a Tag or an Annotation by using Mark In / Mark Out
You can use the "Mark In / Mark Out" buttons to select a limited sequence in your mediafile. Go to the beginning of the sequence you wish to enclose by using the media player or navigation controls and click on "Mark In". You will now see the exact time code marking the beginning of your sequence to the right of the "mark in" button. Play/wind to the end of the sequence you wish to extract and click on "Mark Out". You have now selected the media sequence. By clicking on the time codes directly, the mediaplayer automatically position it selves at the corresponding time codes.
The Mark In / Mark Out are used in conjunction with the Tag and Annotation tools to mark their exact sequence location and length.