This document describes the media player within the Mediabank applications
We assume you have successfully loaded your media asset into the media player from your work list and are ready to view the asset. Once you have selected an asset from your work list (Asset list) it will automatically load a proxy (copy) in to the media player. You can start to play it by pressing the play button  in the left bottom of the media window (below the poster image) or from the navigation controls in the navigation module below the player (described in navigation module article)

Frame accurate
From version 2.8.x.x the Mediaplayer is frame accurate. This enables you to view the mediaclip frame by frame and even comment on it with the same accuracy from annotations. 

Same player in different applications
The below image shows the Sport & Event implementation of the mediaplayer. The mediaplayer behavior is consistent trough out the mediabank applications with a minor difference in the overlays.

The simple player bar below the player window consists of play/pause button followed by numbers (30:23 / 65:00) indicating the length of time the player is within the clip (In this case 30min 23sec [30:23]) and 65:00 indicating the total length of the clip (mediafile). Then followed by a graphic view of the location within the clip. You can drag the blue dot to the left or right to navigate within the clip. The volume level is also adjusted in the same manner. To the end, indicated by a square box, is the toggle switch between the normal (as displayed) and full size window frame.

The info overlays
Basically, the Player module contains two topics, the mediaplayer and the overlays. The current overlays shows information like playback speed (0x indicate paused), Game clock in LTC (Longitudinal Time Code: 12:20:23:17) and the Match time (00:18:29)
Observe that the above example is from Sport & Event showing Match time in min:sec. From Review & Approval the clock overlay would show the time/progress in hh:mm:ss:frames as the LTC.