Welcome to Mediabank help menus.
From march 2016 a new design was implemented, resulting in that the previous help & feedback menu's in the top right now are moved into the new Menu button located in the top center of the app menus.

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Change request
Select from drop down menu or and write down the nature of your request. Press Send when done.
What's new?
(Release notes) Provides you an easy an specific update about news and fixes in your current version
Show tooltips (currently disabled)
The small "Robot" or icon all the way to the left in your screen
When activated, it will provide help text that pops up when your mouse pointer hoovers over a topic.
Your administrative contact:
The name and contact details of your local adminstrator. You may try this person for help before you use the support mail since the application are most likely adjusted to align your firms internal work flows.