Configuration name
Configuration value
Defines the default groups that should have access to new assets.
Default Value is set differently for each account.
Disable upload to given CSV of applications.
Example: review,library will disable upload to Review and Library
Default Value: {Nothing}
The customer’s slogan to put in header after the logo.
Default Value: {Nothing}
Use these meta data fields as minimum input fields
if no template is set for a given destination in upload.
Format: MetaField:Type:Label:Datasource where Type is any of: select,
input,date,textarea. Label is the label in front of the field and Datasource
defines which field from CustomKeyValues to pick values from.
Default Value: {Nothing}
Restrict access to this application by the given set of IP addresses.
Notation form is: x.x.x.x or x.x.x.x/net. Separate entries by comma.
xample:, (Applies to version 212.002 and above)
Default Value: {Nothing}
CSV of menu item ids to show in top menu bar
Default Value:
CSV of upload templates that should be enabled for this customer.
Must be set by Media Netwerk.
NB! Do not change this setting unless you are told to.
Default Value: {Nothing}