Adobe Premiere
Follow these steps to make a master file for upload to Mediabank.

Fileformat for HD delivery

Export settings
Before you export the master, you need to change the timecode in your timeline,
for programs the timecode must start on 09:59:50:00, for promos 04:59:50:00.

1. Enter the "special menu"
2. Choose Start Time...
3. Change Start Time to the correct timecode


Export the sequence - File -> export -> media

  1. Format - MXF OP1a
  2. Preset - XDCAM HD 50 PAL 50i
  3. Output name - press the name, choose title and where to save the file
  4. Video Codec - XDCAM 50 PAL (4:2:2)
  5. Field Order - Upper First
  6. Audio Codec - Uncompressed
  7. Export