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Uploading assets to the Mediabank AdEx application

Important: From October 2016 (Mediabank 3.0) you may need to change your firewall rules in order to deliver mediafiles to us (Mediabank). Read more here: New firewall rules

Mediabank AdEx provides the easiest and most reliable asset transfer in the market. You will be guided trough the process with predefined forms to secure that mandatory information is provided and correct.

The above screen image shows the Adex opening screen. You can choose between two options, Aspera upload and standard upload.

Upload with Aspera
This plugin secures your asset to be 100% error free upon delivery and it also use advanced compression techniques to speed up the transfer.
By choosing this metod the AdEx application will check if the plugin is loaded and active. If ok, you will see the below message in top of your screen.
If not present, you will be guided to the Aspera support site to download it.

Standard upload
By choosing this metod you simply use your standard browser file transfer functions.

If you get tired of this option you can "Save choice now and skip later" in which means that it will remember your credentials and skip straight to next screen as shown below.
If you regret your choice of transfer you can get back to the opening screen by pressing: < Change upload method  

The below topics are discussed in this document:

  • Deliver Commercials - Delivering commercials, Infomercials, sponsorship or similar content
  • Deliver Broadcast content - Deliver Broadcast masters, OnAirMasters, Clean versions, Raw material, Press photos or similar
  • Upload to my account - Simply upload your assets to Review & Approval, Library or other supported destinations.

Pressing Add files  from any of the above topics will simply open up your local default asset folder and you can select assets for upload.

Deliver Commercials

Pressing the  X  to the left side of the file will remove it from the upload queue again. The asset is not deleted from your local library. To upload additional files you can press  + Add more files  

When the mediafile is chosen and placed in the upload queue, you will be guided to fill in additional metadata (information) to assure the asset is destined to its correct destination with the appropriate tags. Begin with:

Select type - This mandatory field is where you choose how to identify your file. In the below example, a Nielsen code is chosen.

Nielsen code: 
Your file DNA that contains codes which will be decoded into essential file information when checked out and uploaded.
Get Nielsen code:
Applying for a Nielsen code. You will be prompted with a new popup box where you fill out necessary information needed to create a valid Nielsen code. It will automatically be embedded into your delivery after your final submission. It's plain magic!

To the right of the "Select type" dropdown menu, the mediafile "Kool Kats" is ready for upload.

Delivery without Nielsen code
You may also deliver your commercials without the use of Nielsen code. Select "Id by Title". A template will pop up and help you to add the proper metadata. In case of multiple Advertisers or Brands, separate them with the use of comma.

Select destination - We ship your files for you! Choose from the "Destination" drop-down. The Destination choice will lead you to Media outlets or TV channels from the drop down. To further enhance your commercial delivery, you may select multiple recipients by selecting "New" from the drop down list and combine the available destinations. From the drop down you my choose any existing lists or our standard minimum destination list.

You might want to notify other about the current file status. Either by SMS or Email. We keep track of your files and we actually made it possible for you to select which process stage you want to get notified from by creating AdEx advanced notification lists.
We automatically inform you and selected recipients of any showstopping errors in the process too. This advanced functionality puts you in full control of the delivery process. You may read more about Notifications here: Adex Notification Favorites

Your assets needs a description. From the menu you can choose from predefined lists which are pre-filled with related key-fields (not file data). But most likely you want to choose which metadata/criteria/keys yourselves. Choose from 19 valid forms of metadata input and click save to to append it to your asset. If you don't want to start up empty, just load an existing predefined template and continue working from that. All existing metadata templates will appear in the drop down menu as well. You may read more about Options here: 5. Options Templates

Once you made it trough here, all you have to do now is to click on  CHECK OUT 

Still images like jpg, tif etc. is not supported when delivering commercials

Deliver Broadcast Content

 For more information on delivering broadcast content we recommend the AdEx main menu section here: The AdEx main menu or, just go directly to the broadcasters help document below: 

More coming soon.....

Upload to my account

Pressing the X  to the left side of the file will remove it from upload. The asset is not deleted from your local library. To upload additional assets you can press  + Add more files 

This window just shows the file name you have selected for upload.

Select your destination from a list of available destinations. As of today the available destinations are Library, Review & Approval and "Highlights upload"  (more information shortly)

Based on your selection of destination different form will appear. These forms enables you to manually add metadata.
Below are examples of standard forms available.

Press  Done  to return to previous menu

Pressing  CHECKOUT  will start the upload and delivery process.

You can also get more general information from the Help & Feedback sections visible in the upper right corner. This document will provide you with an general and basic overview: 1. Help & Feedback functions